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It had been, without exaggeration, a disaster, from the misjudged unveiling with its focus on “TV TV TV” to the mangled messaging of some suspect and frequently revised policies on privacy, indie development and game ownership. The gamers who had adopted Xbox in ever increasing numbers over the previous two generations felt condescended to. At launch, the box was overpriced and overweight, bundled with a Kinect peripheral many had no interest in. Microsoft had proven to be a surprisingly spirited underdog in the console market, but now hubris and arrogance had set in.

Could the Redmond giant turn it around? Today’s anniversary provides a good excuse to take stock of the console’s first twelve months – just as I did for PlayStation 4 last week.

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La saga FIFA siempre se ha caracterizado por tener una enorme cantidad de licencias oficiales, aunque no ha sido hasta esta temporada cuando por fin hemos podido disfrutar de la UEFA Champions League y del resto de torneos europeos. La otra deficiencia es una mala interfaz, ya que el icono aparece sobre el jugador y no queda claro el timing correcto, algo que dificulta el aprendizaje. Las nuevas animaciones ofrecen mayor variedad de situaciones.

La lucha por los balones divididos ha mejorado notablemente. Para celebrar la llegada de la Champions League se ha incorporado un modo exclusivo en el que podremos configurar los grupos del torneo. Disfrutamos de un espectacular ambiente durante de los partidos de la Champions League. Sin duda, ha sido un acierto incluirlos ya que son muy divertidos, destacando Supervivencia y Sin Reglas para jugar con amigos. Podemos elegir libremente a cualquiera de los tres protagonistas.

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In short EA is just too lazy to develop decent AI and, instead, just makes players perform way beyond there stats i. Clearly this has been abandoned for years now – same title screens, same formula. All in all it feels exactly like ’15 and ’16 – not good enough, 4 There are still issues over passing – the amount of times a pass will go to the exact player you do not want it to go to is ludicrous, it is so ham fisted and really detracts from the game.

The list is endless for career mode honestly. In short my gripe is that, for a ‘new’ game, I expect new additions and features. The offline play has had literally zero attention paid to it and we all know why:

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PES 2015, aggiornamenti sui problemi del matchmaking

As part of the deal, the year-old Kochi-based Muthoot Pappachan Group will dilute 10 per cent equity in the firm to the investing PE for Rs crore, and will also infuse Rs crore of fresh capital into the company, Muthoot Microfin chief executive Sadaf Syed told PTI. The process will be over by February-March, he added, but refused to name the PEs citing confidentiality issues as it has already signed the term sheets with a couple of leading private equity players.

Syed said the company, set up in , has grown to become the sixth largest in terms of asset size and geographical presence with loan book of around Rs 1, crore as of November. Its loan book is growing at around 70 per cent, with presence in 10 states. Last year, its book grew at 85 per cent and it hopes to do better this year as well. He further said the financial services group will use the money to shore up the capital adequacy ratio so that it can aggressively ramp up its microfinance business.

A more cynical friend of mine said to me that PES has “a lot of love in the bank”, and is trading off that year after year. The disappointing thing is that since the PlayStation 2, Konami haven’t used that foundation to move the series on. But still here I am, gleefully slaloming through defences with the ball magically stuck to my feet, taking speculative thirty yard shots with my left back and seeing it soar into the top corner, watching as my goalie parries an easy shot with such unlikely ferocity that it ricochets off a centre-half’s backside and bobbles into the net, smirking like a child as the other team celebrate by piling on top of each other and vibrating in a most disconcerting manner.

I know it’s the wrong thing to do, I’m committed to FIFA, I am; it’s prettier, more sophisticated and wears all the right clothes, but it’s the little quirks that PES has that keep a guy interested for a cheeky fling. There’s genuine improvement here and there too. AI in particular has had a much needed boost, players will now react intelligently to ball positioning, moving into space to receive a through ball, or flying down the wing on the overlap.

And, joy of all joys, Konami have finally added the option to set a teammate off on a run. You can now hold down the right stick to manually manoeuvre a teammate, while the left stick remains in control of the ball-carrier. You can choose the appearance of your manager, and in between matches you will have briefings with your coach who gives you advice on how to deal with your next opponents, and will pass on objectives from the chairman such as completing a match without picking up a yellow card.

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It enables you build teams using any players from all the leagues to play offline and online to win coins to buy better players or packs which contain random players. There are seasons where you play in 10 divisions starting in Div 10 trying to work your way up. You randomly play people online who are in your division and there is no league table.

Football games can be a real time-sink for their players, as they build their careers, online and off, over the course of 12 months. For many, there can only be one winner of their hard-earned cash and precious free time. For our part, it is a score draw as far as our reviews go, each game producing excellent four-star performances for very different reasons. The familiar long and the short of it is this: It is easy and not untrue to say PES has it where it matters most, so that is the game to go for.

So much will come down to the type of player you are, what you are looking for and which game best suits your tastes. Here we try to pick out which football game is best for you. The Purists Ah, the footballing professors, students of the game, those that pore over stats and analysis and enjoy an innate understanding of what makes football matches tick. Those that believe gameplay trumps all, in other words. PES offers the best on-pitch action for our money, serving up matches that take on their own narrative and teams that feel like individual units rather than the same bunch with differing stats.

Understanding the game of football is just as important as being able to wield a controller. And each match, be it thrillers or wars, are a pleasure.

PES 2015: trailer anuncia versão demo liberada para todos os consoles

Here you can find some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Steam Translation. Additional information can also be found in the STS Lounge. What is Steam Translation? What can be translated on Steam Translation? Currently all localization files of Steam, Valve games, certain third party games and mods can be translated. Other third party games, as for example GMOD, are not available at the time being.

What is this version of PES? You cannot play in tournaments – or in the Master League – but you can access myClub online and participate in offline Friendly and Training modes. Players are purchased with myClub coins which can be purchased with real money. An additional currency, GP, can also be earned through playing. The matchmaking has been refined, ensuring you always face players of a suitable skill level.

The online games we played were also mostly stable, and when there was an issue the game paused the action so no one gained an advantage. The gameplay forces you to be tactical, and goals must be earned. Of course, if you do not like the methodical pace you can always go back to FIFA.

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Originally Posted by fearwhatnow 1. PES 15 has teams with slow build up and teams with a faster one. Have you seen anything like this in FIFA 15??

Un nuevo nacionalismo incluyente, moderno, firme en la defensa de los intereses populares y nacionales. La respuesta al interior del partido oficial no se hizo esperar. No hay razones de Estado que sean argumentables para violentar derechos humanos o ciudadanos. Sabemos que al destruirla, destruiremos la vida toda. Por tal motivo , el P. De entre estos grupos pronto destaca el de Santa Ursula Coapa, por su entusiasta activismo para lograr un cambio trascendente, lo que en buena parte se debe a la labor de los vecinos del lugar.

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