Love Points

Marriage okay here is the marriage page. All the requirements you need to get married will be explained. You will need to get your LP love points with the character you want to marry at 7 or higher. This is a must players, while you can go about to all the marriagable boys if you are playing a girl or ladies if you are playing a boy and see all of their events this will reset after you propose or get a reverse proposal. Now if you have triggered the Sub-event will be explained further down. To see if one of these is triggered, go to your diary and see if there is a town event option. If there is, then you can click it and see which characters are involved.

Love Points

I was expecting a similar experience to that of Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon but what I found instead, was a game richer, and more diverse in content, allowing numerous hours to slip by unnoticed. The game starts you off with an unfortunate question which decides your gender, after this you find yourself aboard an airship and after a scuffle with some thugs, falling towards the town of Selphia. Typical JRPG tropes are delivered in quick succession and shortly after the fall you are left with amnesia, soon after this you have become the stand-in Prince ss of the town.

As it turns out there’s a lot of jobs for a Prince ss to do and Rune Factory 4 takes its time allowing you to have free rein of your princely duties.

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Dating More than One Person Rf4 dating more than one person, find the good stuff Wait, you can date more than one person? And I can’t even tell if we’re progressive or ass-backwards about it! When you date only one person, you have nothing to compare that person with. But being the gentleman I am, I go out of my way to avoid jealousy. Kantonoso Kantonoso 4 years ago 5 “Going steady” fresh out of the gate is a very modern thing really.

By dating other people at the same time, you give yourself a built-in reality check to insure that you see things a bit more clearly.

Rune Factory 4: FAQ/Walkthrough

Oct 08, 1: After marriage, I was expecting new dialogue from the villagers and different dialogue when I went on dates, but it’s all the same. No one, not even a character close to my spouse acknowledges that I’m married, Unless I confess to another bachelor. When I go on dates, everything’s the same as before. Even though we got married, my spouse is still too shy to hold my hand -. In RF3 you had new dialogue when you went on dates after marriage.

Which Rune Factory 4 Bachelor Should You Marry? Lilli. 1. 7. What is your favorite thing to do in Rune Factory 4 out of these options? Farming. Mining. Fighting. Exploring. Fishing. Talking to the townsfolk. 2. 7. Which food item out of these do you prefer? Anything with rice .

How do you get married on rune factory 2? It depends on who you want to marry This is from another website: From there you will receive a quest from Douglas where you go to the forest and must battle a large orc that appears. After that he gives you the ring his daughter wants. She will send you to the mountain in order to retrieve a crystal ball.

Rune Factory 4

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n0vadragon 3 points 4 points 5 points 4 years ago getting anyone to date you is all RNG. A lot of the days you would get a no. sub events help, but they are only required for marriage.

It was announced in Famitsu on June 29, It is the sixth game in the Rune Factory series, and the first to be released on the 3DS. In Rune Factory 4, however, the protagonist’s gender is chosen at the beginning of the game, and the same character is used for the entire storyline. By default, the male protagonist’s name is Lest, and the female protagonist’s name is Frey.

Marvelous AQL has announced that Rune Factory 4 will not be released in Europe in the foreseeable future, stating that, “While MarvelousAQL has made every effort to secure the title’s release for this territory, it is, unfortunately, not possible to do so at this time. New Features Rather than having “heart events” with love interests alone, RF4 also has events that include multiple characters and serve as a way to get to know the characters better.


Upon landing in a small town, you’re unexpectedly promoted to royalty and charged with expanding and improving life for all the residents of Selphia. As you reign as prince or princess of the realm, your duties involve farming, banking, and building just as much as they do the usual monster-slaying quests. There are dangers all around the town of Selphia.

A forest maze teems with goblins. Half-flooded ruins house fierce manticores and devil-steeds. There’s even a haunted house, complete with ghosts and grim reapers.

Rune factory 4 dating game. Dates in rune factory frontier factory 4 dating guide. Spring. Hehehe i had about to be released on the last point of trampoli. Did this about a date on summer the 19th. You are included in rune factory frontier date 13 spring of her 8th lp. Rune factory 4 dating and marriage requirements Spring of 12 girls to use.

The 6th Rune Factory game, and the first for the 3DS. This game is also the first to provide players with the option of going through the game as a girl or a boy right at the start, contributing to its nearly outselling its predecessors in just the first week of its release. In addition to a boost over the other handheld games’ graphics is features a more elaborate dating system, including actual dates, becoming a steady couple, and dealing with personal issues before getting married.

The game begins with the protagonist riding an airship, carrying valuable cargo on their person. Before they reach their destination they are attacked, and after losing their memory and their cargo from a blow to the head they are tossed overboard. Luckily, their fall is broken by the dragon Ventuswill, who guards the town of Selphia.

Rf4 dating more than one person, find the good stuff

You promised you’d marry me! Because you threatened me! Years ago, when two of the main characters were small children, they promised to marry each other when they grew up.

Rune Factory 4: Essential Background To convince you of the unique potential that video-game relationships hold, I will be analyzing Rune Factory 4 (which I will abbreviate to RF4 from now on), a simulation/role-playing game developed by Neverland Co. and published by Marvelous AQL for the Nintendo 3DS. [3].

Disliked Gifts minus 1 sub-point Most Disliked Gifts minus 9 sub-points As you can see, the giving of a Favorite gift will drastically change the feelings of the maiden in question for good, and giving a most disliked gift will have the opposite effect. However, only one gift per day can change the LP a given maiden has. So if you mess up and give a most disliked gift to someone, you have to wait until the next day to correct it.

LP take a long time to develop via this method, but not nearly as long as if you simply talk to the girl. Birthday Gifts Each person in the game has a birthday. If you give a gift to them on that day, it will effect them far more than usual. If you give a gift on the person’s birthday, it will be marked on your calender for future reference. Special Events Special events are varied. Few overlap between characters, and few are cheap enough to do regularly. If you buy a book from selphy, her LP will go up considerably.

Rune factory 4 dating more than one

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Apr 21,  · 50 videos Play all Rune Factory 4 Dating/Marriages (*Finished*) Yongho Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Braska Final Aeon Boss Battle – Duration: RenkaWong , views.

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The “Rune Factory 4” original release date was in October At the start of the game, your character is knocked unconscious and thrown off the side of an airship. You awake in the town of Selphia, where the townsfolk mistake you for royalty. You’re given a farm to live in with one goal, which is to make the town of Selphia a tourist destination. You’ll do this by making money selling crops, adventuring, and helping the townsfolk.

Like past “Rune Factory” games in this franchise, the core of the game remains the farming.

rune factory 4 dating after marriage Okay here is the marriage the requirements you need to get married will be will need to get your lp love points with the character you want therefore, Tatnai, governor beyond the river, Shetharboznai, and the s the more innocence a girl has, the less she.

Rune Factory has always been more expansive than its sister series Harvest Moon, building off of the social and farming focus to include battles and broader skill sets. Rune Factory 4 is no different, adding in new elements and polishing previous mainstays. With so much to see and do within the game, this simulation is perfectly set up to sabotage any social life you have as you get sucked into the world of Selphia and all it has to offer.

True to tradition, players take control of an amnesiac hero, whose gender is determined by the player for the first time in the series. Our hero is travelling by airship on a mission to deliver a mysterious object to the god-dragon, Lady Ventiswell, in the town of Selphia. Unfortunately, no sooner have they announced their intention when looters show up, knocking out the protagonist and all their memories. The object falls off the airship, followed soon by our hero.

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Sun, 20 Oct An RPG where players progressed not by fighting battles or banishing evil, but by tending gently to the land, caring for animals, and finding true love; there was nothing quite like it. It seems odd, then, that Natsume’s ten-year anniversary gift to the franchise was the beginning of the Rune Factory spin-offs, famously described as “Harvest Moon with swords”. It sounds incongruous, but somehow it works – if Harvest Moon showed us that the spade was just as mighty as the sword, Rune Factory proves that they’re even better together, and this latest instalment absolutely perfects the message.

Rune factory 4 dating margaret for rune factory 4 on the 3ds, a gamefaqs message board and also margaret and i are dating now, just wanna rune dating a trainer factory 4 dating margaret rune factory 4 forte do all is a still greater.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Answers Rating Newest Oldest -You need to start officially dating him. To do that talk to him, press the L or R button and then at the end of the conversation your character will say “By the way.. Choose to say “I love you. Vishnal will be surprised and then you need to say that you really love him. If you are unlucky he will assume you are joking and not take you seriously.

You will simply have to try again. If you are lucky he will ask you to meet him in townsquare the next day. Meet him there and you may have to choose what to say. Make it clear you want to be with him and then the two of you will become a couple. Once you are dating you can hit L or R during a conversation to do the “By the way thing” and now you can ask Vishnal to go on a date with your character.

The date will happen the next day and you can’t go on dates everyday.

Rune Factory 4 Dating/Marriages (*Finished*)

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