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It was when I was in middle school. They offered Chinese classes at my school and I was taking them. I had been taking them since sixth grade. It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade. In two months, I would be in eight grade. My parents and two of my friends parents got together and decided to go to China.

Han Ji-min

Afterwards they ventured further south to perform for Melbourne fans and also take part in media promotions. Along with individual interviews, there was a press conference held where the members took questions from a crowd of media. In particular one question has gone on to blow up in a pretty huge controversy. A representative from Kmusic asks:

Sep 22,  · This does not mark the first scandal D.O. has been involved in as the EXO member has previously been involved in rumors with Girl’s Day’s Sojin. The same goes for Irene who has been in a dating scandal with GOT7’s Jackson in the past.

As I have told you already, admin-nim, I had originally planned to make a post about how obvious I think CB have been lately. T and because of the recent news that Dispatch has released regarding Kai and Krystal and another alleged dating scandal that is going to be revealed soon … I would like to be more careful and thus rather not write a post like that. However, I would like to talk about something else instead: T I told you, I am a big idiot , therefore, I would wish for her to read this as well if she likes because she asked her followers to share their opinion.

Okay, I will get started on the actual post now. In case that this will become a super long post, know that I am deeply sorry for every pair of eyes that are reading this T. First of all, I would like to agree with the statement that SM is indeed aware of popular pairings within their company and that they also make use of this knowledge by either pairing two shipped members up eg. Therefore, what better and easier way is there to additionally promote a group if not through OTPs?

It makes sense to me, totally. However, as much as this is true, I strongly disagree with the statement that ChanBaek is purely based on fanservice note: But other people do and it makes me a bit angry As parkbaekssi has mentioned in her post, there are some CB moments that could be deemed as fanservice e. And SM obviously is, too, as the following post shows: There is so much CB in Korea these days, hm..

Chanyeol Reveals EXO Gets Better Over The Years; Talks On Collaborating With Yoo Jae Suk

I totally had fun with this. Drama is my forte. Long Post, I warn you in advanced. If your partner is hitting you often and you feel like you cannot get out, ask someone you trust for help. His girlfriend stormed out of their house after a long fight to take a walk, but he followed her, demanding to know why she was being so irrational.

Jun 29,  · Them dating doesn’t affect the fans or atleast it should not affect us in a negative way or at all. Baekhyun is still a great singer doing his thing in Exo while Taeyeon is doing the same with Snsd.

They meet each other when Seasonal attend their first music show, Sunhee was going to the toilet alone and end up lost in the unfamiliar building, Chanyeol that passed by ask her what’s wrong and then Chanyeol lead the way to the toilet and go back to her waiting room. But whenever Sunhee feeling shy with Chanyeol she will act like a tsundere.

Hi, this is Sunhee, you guys had done a great job, and please take care of yourself so you won’t get sick. She is a really bright kid that always find smiling, she will wave back at you even though she doesn’t know you. Sometimes she can be a little bit annoying because of her bossy personality, and she is a strict person that always want her works to be done really fast so she will focus om something she did because her father is an army not bts fandom okay. She’s a really brave person and doesn’t really care about people think about her.

She came from a kinda rich family but she doesn’t really spend many money, she always had many friends but she just have one true friend. She doesn’t really close with her parents because her parents always come home at night so she always spend her time with her older sister. She was one of those smart people in the school because if she get bad score her parents will mad at her, so she’s kind of deppressed and can cry easily. She doesn’t have any predebut activity because she always practice so she can get better and she just write songs whenever she can.

EXO’s Baekhyun speaks out for the first time about his dating scandal

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Jun 26,  · It might sound crazy what these fans are doing but they feel like all they did was thrown away. When the scandal was released fans were still very upset about the lawsuit then BAM. Baekhyun is .

The new members introduced themselves to the producers and the audiences first. The casts later arrive at their new home and are assigned to their respective rooms. Nana, Guk-joo and Se-ho leave home to Se-ho’s parents’ house to get food and on the way, they learnt that it was actually Nana’s birthday while Dong-wook, Jong-ok, Joon-hyung, Ryohei and Min-woo take a historic tour around Seongbuk-gu with the “Roommate” team. Later, Jong-ok and Sunny set out to learn pilates.

At night, the members gather to plan a surprise party for Nana before she arrives home. Later, the members go out for a picnic, playing games and doling out punishments to the losers. After the picnic, Dong-wook takes Ryohei, Jackson and Young-ji out for some shopping which led to Dong-wook being exhausted at the end. After the members return home, Song Ga-yeon pays a visit to their home.


Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. I was so set on not letting Baekhyun in my life, but just this morning, I let him back in before even knowing the truth. Sure, it was messy along the way and we went through hardships… but did we ever stop loving each other?

Did we ever stop caring?

Mar 14,  · Although not considered a dating scandal, Apink also has a rumor that revolves around the boy group EXO. On December , the audio record of .

The picture promise if we get 1st place…. I will upload it at When i opened Instagram, this picture was right there. I was so shocked i had cold sweat. I stumbled upon your blog after reading the couple ring post! Regarding that, I think the chrome heart ring that similar to yeol’s isnt the same as the one that polar light gave, because PL gave the one with black background, and the similar with yeol’s is just the black version of it?

And do you mind giving out the ‘chanbaek timeline’ you mentioned before? Have a nice daay! At first I was a bit surprised, Baekhyun joined us very late but he became close with Chanyeol in just one night.. Anyway, the two could really get along very well.

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He made his acting debut in but had his breakthrough with the romantic comedy My Girl. However, you may know him best for his role in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. At his current age of 35 years old, he has accomplished many things, and his image plays a great role in that. But is plastic surgery to thank for all the craze over his handsome looks?

People go through this procedure in order to redefine the shape of their nose, most often with the goal of making their nose into the ideal shape.

May 23,  · EXO Chen, AOA Hyejeong Dating?; ‘Random but True,’ Says Insider [EXOs Dating Scandal] By Jayson Boral / EXO’s Chen and AOA’s Hyejeong are currently the subject of dating rumors that first circulated among fans.

He gotta be lying! He hates you purely! He won’t ever love you again! You only loved him! He dated you out of pity! It was pointed at me wasn’t it? I pull the mic from the air the mic that doesn’t need to be held. Why wouldn’t it be?! You or whoever gave us The Freaks an invitation as the guest of honor! You wouldn’t have heard that song called Never Loved?

If you never invited us! I began crying and Chanyeol yelled at her.


To be honest, everything has already been set up by the company; the program scripts, the magazine interviews, fansigning events to manipulate fanaccounts. Believe what you think is true. SM ENT is a veteran company. An artiste behavior infront of the camera has already been prepared; moreover most of what you are seeing now, build the foundation of their future. They have set high expectations for this group. K needs more fans, therefore every member of this subgroup has been thoroughly deliberated.

Aug 11,  · Netizens discuss after series of photos of EXO Chanyeol and Red Velvet Joy hint they have feelings for each other. After series of photos emerged from the last stage of July’s SM Town concert in Japan, netizens are talking about a potential relationship between EXO .

Chanyeol, one of the members of the band, said that they used to argue a lot before. Asia Stars News reported that when the boys were asked what changes have happened to them since they started, they all chorused that they are much closer now. They have overcome the days when they butt heads a lot. Aside from getting closer, they have also made themselves richer and more popular. Recently, they announced that their comeback will be an explosive one.

The album sold , copies in just three days from release date. This was after they got the highest first-week sales ever for a K-Pop act on Billboard last year.

Chanyeol girlfriend

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